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Mold & Fungi

Our microbiological department performs analyses of bulk materials, as well as various air media for the presence and identification of fungi commonly referred to as mold. This capability includes the ability to analyze bulk construction materials, surface swab samples, tape samples, Total Spore Trap Samples (Air-O-Cell cassettes, VersaTrap cassettes, Allergenco-D cassettes), air impinged AGAR plates using single stage Anderson or Anderson type air samplers for total fungi spores and/or viable fungal spores as the case may be. “ Sick Building Syndrome” has drawn attention to the field of microbiological air sampling where water damage or moisture accumulation has allowed fungal manifestations to occur, some which can cause health effects to susceptible humans. Fungal identifications include the genera found in North America including the popular molds Stachybotrys (which has received the most recent attention for health problems), Alternaria, Aspergillus and Penicillium.

AAL’s goal is to provide the best client services, analytical turnaround time and quality at a reasonable price while maintaining a close and responsive relationship with every one of our valued clients. See the section labeled "FAQ" for more on molds.


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