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Assaigai's unusual name means "spear" in the African Zulu language and was chosen to reflect the accurate, true and defensive aspects of the spear. This weapon was credited with much of the success of Shaka Zulu's takeover of a majority Africa in the 19th Century. The spear was relatively effective for those times because the short shaft, long bladed weapon could either be thrown or utilized in hand to hand combat. In reference to the lab, the Assaigai name was taken from a wonderful French thoroughbred racehorse named "Assagai" from which the lab founder acquired a foal. This foal, named "Assagai's Back", was magnificent and very competitive and campaigned quite successfully in the Southwestern United States horse racing arena. With all these desirable characteristics in mind, the name was adopted for the lab to reflect the same aspects of true accuracy, defensibility, effectiveness and competitiveness.

Assaigai began its corporate life as a mining service lab analyzing for mining and exploration industries from Coal, Uranium, Copper and Oil and Gas development and production, The founders and present owners were individuals involved with the various mining and production companies who could lend great expertise to an analytical facility involved in practical issues of process and environmental compliance and contamination.

By the mid 1980's, mining in the southwest was declining while environmental issues were coming to the forefront. Assaigai began to make a natural transition to the burgeoning concerns of environmental protection. By the late 1980's, management had determined to make the necessary upgrades in equipment, systems and quality to afford virtually full service and accredited accuracy in environmental laboratory services. 


Assaigai's core competencies are now in the industrial hygiene and air quality services and testing arena. 


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