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Welcome to Assaigai Analytical Laboratories!

We specialize in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Industrial Hygiene (IH) testing. Although our core analyses consist of mold and asbestos testing, we provide a range of testing to assist our clients in determining the quality of the air they breathe and to ensure that all contaminants of concern are within regulatory levels. Our laboratory supports projects ranging from determining if air quality could be leading to health problems within an individual's home to providing clearance analyses after remodel, demolition or decommissioning activities.

With over 40 years of analytical laboratory and air quality experience, Assaigai’s team has seen it all. We are glad to be a resource for our clients, providing interpretation of results and opinions on steps required to properly address the issues that our client’s face. Rather than just giving our clients results and moving on to the next project, we take time to consult with them, helping them to understand the analytical results and the process to fix any issues that may have been detected.

We are glad to assist with any size project, whether it is testing before a home is remodeled or demolition/decommissioning monitoring on large military installations. Call us at (505) 345-8964 to speak with our experienced staff to find out how we can assist with your testing needs.

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